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Defending Your Rights Against Federal Charges

Not every law firm represents clients charged with federal crimes. It takes focused skill and experience to represent clients in the federal jurisdiction properly. At Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., in Madison, we take on all kinds of federal criminal defense cases. A wide variety of crimes are federal offenses, including:

The seriousness of federal charges against you means that you need to protect your interests through legal representation. Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., attorney Cynthia Stewart has a reputation for successful litigation that pursues the most favorable outcome for your situation.

Reasons For Federal Designation

You may wonder why the offense you get charged with is considered a federal crime. Offenses get defined as federal crimes for several reasons including:

  • Interstate commerce, i.e., the crime occurred in more than one state
  • A felony that breaks a federal law
  • Crimes on federal land

In fact, some crimes in Mississippi break both state and federal laws.

Look Out For Obstruction Of Justice

Even if you are charged with if a state crime, committing obstruction of justice can get you an additional charge in federal court. Obstruction of justice includes:

  • Destroying evidence
  • Evading discovery of facts
  • Threatening witnesses

It is never worth it to commit a crime to resolve charges against you. Strong legal representation from a skilled criminal defense lawyer is the optimal way to pursue justice.

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