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Strong Aid Against Employment Crime Charges

White collar crimes are financial crimes in the professional world and beyond. There are many crimes of this type, encompassing all kinds of businesses. Employment crimes are felonies, which means that being convicted of this type of crime gives you a criminal record that will affect your whole life.

There Is Much At Stake

If you are accused of an employment crime, your reputation, professional future and financial standing are at stake. Attorney Cynthia Stewart of Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., understands the seriousness of an employment crime accusation and will leverage her experience and skill to pursue justice in your case.

Common white collar crimes are:

  • Mail, check and credit card fraud
  • Health care, mortgage, insurance and investment industry fraud
  • Embezzlement, which is accessing business funds wrongfully for personal gain
  • Computer and internet-based offenses
  • Identity theft

The complexity of many of these crimes means that law enforcement needs to investigate claims thoroughly. It is beneficial to have legal counsel at this time to begin to build a case in your favor. Cynthia A. Stewart, P.A., is knowledgeable about making white collar defenses that will put you in the most favorable position to fight charges.

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